The “ Big Five”, as well as a greater selection of 30 antelope species

Rifle and Bow

Rawhide Safaris undertakes rifle and bow hunting safaris in South Africa on privately owned game farms where we have the hunting rights on these game farms and most of the properties are large enough so that you will experience a true African hunt. We are proud that we can offer you the “ Big Five”, as well as a greater selection of 30 antelope species in South Africa.
Some of these concessions are reserved & developed for the bow hunter only, where one can sit in a blind or walk and stalk the animals on foot. The other concessions we offer are mainly for rifle hunting.
We hunt only mature male animals on an ethical and “fair chase” basis, depending on the species of animal, type of hunting terrain, country or area where the hunt is taking place.
Fully equipped 4 x 4 vehicles are used for hunting, as well as on foot and other means. A professional hunter and tracker will always accompany you. Hunting can be very demanding therefore it is important to bring along the right hunting equipment, comfortable boots and clothing. 
The terrains where hunting take place differ according to the species hunted and varies greatly, from wide open savannah grasslands, semi- desert and desert, rugged mountains, to thick Mopani scrub bushveld and to natural forests in the higher rainfall areas.
Due to this terrain variety, all species are obviously not found in one area, which results in traveling between different areas, depending on the species wanted.
Accommodation varies, from comfortable ranch style houses, with thatched roofs, tents, chalets to luxurious Safari Lodges. Normally double beds or twin beds in rooms with a flush toilet and hot shower facilities.

Meals vary from ranch style cooking to western world style and consist of vegetables of the season, meat (mutton, beef, and pork), poultry and fish. Game meat can also be prepared. Supper is normally a 3-course meal. We cater for your specific wants and needs. Fresh drinking water is always available.

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